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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Baked Red Velvet Donut

What comes to mind when you think about Valentine ’s Day? Hearts?  Hallmark cards? Maybe the jewelry store commercials that miraculously begin appearing every thirty seconds right around February 1st? Well for me, nothing could be more emblematic of cupid’s holiday than a red velvet cake. You see it everywhere this time of year: cakes, cupcakes, cookies, the list goes on and on…especially if you are on Pinterest.  How could I not be inspired to try my hand at a little transformation of the traditional?!

Since Sweet Dutchess introduced The Baked Donut on its one year anniversary this month, I decided to dedicate a flavor to the month of amour. The Baked Red Velvet is light and fluffy, yet dark and decadent and has a scrumptiously moist crumb. These baked donuts are then slathered with an oh-so-lovely cream cheese glaze that caresses the cake-inspired donuts, creating one of the most perfect pairings known to taste buds everywhere.  J'aime beignets!