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Friday, April 4, 2014

Baking Tip, Bananas, and Winner, Winner

Bananas...I just love them. I REALLY love baking with them. But man, when you have the urge to bake up some warm, comforting banana goodness but you have brand new, hard and tasteless bananas sitting on the counter...the worst! Well I guess there are worse things in the word, but never fear! I have a little baking tip for you that will allow you to bake with bananas whenever you want without requiring you to stare at a brown bag sitting in the sunlit windowsill for a day or two.

Get your bake on and turn that oven on. Not to preheat for your cake, but to ripen those bananas! That's right, I said we are putting those bananas in the oven! A good 30-40 minute visit leaves you with sweet, soft bananas that are ready for mashing and mixing. So easy, right?! 

Here's how you do it, so go get to baking some banana bread, cake, cupcakes...whatever you desire:

1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit
2. Place unripe bananas on a baking sheet
3. Bake for 30-45 minutes, until bananas are dark brownish black and they are squishy when you poke them 
4. Remove and let cool for a bit before using

And now for the reason you are probably reading about bananas anyway...our winner of the Cupcake Courier giveaway! Drum roll please...the winner is Stacey Bennett!  Stacey, all you have to do to claim your courier is to PM Sweet Dutchess on Facebook or email at to disclose your mailing address and you should be carrying your cupcakes safely around in 1-2 weeks! Congratulations! 

Don't be dismayed if you didn't win! Chin up! There is another giveaway coming up soon so keep those peepers peeled and make sure you subscribe to the Sweet Dutchess blog! Thanks for stopping in, and remember, there is always room for cake! XOXO